Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Williamstown, WV

We're on our way down to Clifftop for some good old-time music. As soon as we crossed the Ohio River, we stopped off for a while to visit the Fenton Art Glass factory in Williamstown, WV. Their factory tour gave us an excellent close-up view of the steps used in making the gorgeous glassware for which they are so famous. During the tour, we stood on the production floor and watched as a master glass blower created a beautiful vase from a glowing blob of glass. Once he was satisfied, he heated it again and stamped his initials on the bottom. From there, we watched some of the finishing operations where designs are painted or etched onto the glass and any burrs or sharp edges are removed. The tour ended at the gift shop (where else?) where Susan purchased a nice piece for her collection - of one.

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