Thursday, July 24, 2008

WIT GNR Winds Down

Our last days at the rally were fun. On Tuesday evening we had dinner with the other RVers from NC. As we finished, we were entertained by a traveling polka band complete with a hilarious she-male performer who was looking for a dance partner. Guess what... I got elected... and I don't even know how to polka... but I had fun anyhow. On Wednesday, there was an antique automobile parade through the area. There were over 100 nicely restored cars including a 1914 Ford, a Ford Cobra, an old Willys convertable and an Amphibicar - the first one we had ever seen. Pretty cool rides... One last note to our Sams-O-Wake friends: We ran into Jim and Donna Lamb as we were going to the parade. They are now representing Freightliner at RV rallys and loving the experience. They said to say 'Hi" to everyone.

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