Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lead and Deadwood, SD

Today we drove north to the town of Lead (pronounced Leed not Lead because finding gold could lead to great wealth) to tour an old gold mine called the Homestake Gold Mine. We saw both the open cut mine (see picture) which is over 1,200 feet deep that was mined from 1876 to 1998 and the deep mine with two vertical shafts over 8,000 feet deep - the deepest gold mine in the western hemisphere. We saw the equipment that was used to power the elevators that moved the miners in and out of the mine and also lift the gold ore up to the processing area. Really massive stuff...

Next we went to Deadwood, a touristy little cowboy town and did some sightseeing. Deadwood is the gaming center for the area and it was loaded with bars and gaming salons down both sides of the street. We didn't gamble at all, but I did have a beer at Saloon No. 10 (see picture) where "Wild Bill" Hickock was shot by Jack McCall on August 2, 1876.

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