Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wapiti to Sundance, WY

Today was a travel day...a loooong travel day. So far, our trip has been fun and easygoing. Not today though. After we left Cody, there was almost no signs of civilization until we reached Gillette (about 300 miles away). Along the way, we saw some of the flattest and most treeless land we've ever seen followed by a trip through some gorgeous and very steep mountains. We also watched as the gas gauge dropped down to the Empty mark. When we finally got to Gillette and entered a Flying J to fill up with gas, we only had about 30 miles of gas left. Whew, that was close! Along the way, we ran over a small 2x4 laying in our lane. As I was pumping the gas, I saw that the 2x4 had hit the car right behind the front wheel and bent the wheel well back. At least it didn't go through the windshield and didn't harm the RV. We had planned on going to see Devil's Tower once we reached Sundance but instead I had to repair the damage so the passenger door would open. We'll go there in the morning before heading off to Rapid City, SD. For now, it's a cold beer and a good night's sleep. Good night...

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