Wednesday, July 9, 2008

1880 Train Ride

Today we went to the big city of Keystone, SD - population 330 - and boarded the 11:15 train for a three-hour round-trip ride on the Black Hills Central Railroad through the Black Hills to Hill City, SD and back. The weather was perfect and the views were most enjoyable. The locomotive was a steam engine built in 1880 and it pulled seven passenger cars with wide open windows so we could enjoy the view. We saw a variety of wildlife, some old mines and ancient homes along the way.

Then we went back to Mount Rushmore to see the Visitors Center and Exhibition Hall that we missed yesterday. I mention this only because we ran into Amy and Bob Buckingham - some dear old-time musician friends I have known since I started going to the Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week at Mars Hill over 10 years ago. They live in SC and just happened to be arriving there as we were leaving. What a small world! To make matters even more weird, I was wearing my Mars Hill BROTMW t-shirt.

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