Monday, July 7, 2008

Devil's Tower

This morning we arose early and headed off to Devils Tower National Monument - an easy 35 minute drive from Sundance. Anyone who has gone up Hwy 52 from Winston-Salem toward Mt Airy has seen Pilot Mountain. Well, Devils Tower is kind of like a Pilot Mountain on steroids. After spending a few minutes in the Visitors Center, we took the 1.3 mile walk around the base of the mountain. Quite a sight indeed! We saw several groups of fearless rock climbers climbing up one side of the tower and rappelling down the other side. Not me, Kimo Sabe. I like the view from down here on the trail just fine. ;-)

After lunch, we drove on to Rapid City, SD where we'll spend the next few days at places like Mt Rushmore and Custer National Park. Stay tuned...

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