Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thermopolis, WY

Did he say Thermopolis??? Yes, there really is a place called Thermopolis. It is about 85 miles south of Cody and is famous for its hot mineral springs. We took the plunge and enjoyed a nice, relaxing 20 minute soak (the max allowed) in the 104 degree mineral water in the outdoor pool shown here. Actually, the water wasn't much hotter than the air was - it was just a lot more humid. ;-)

From there, we went to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and not only toured its interesting museum but we took the hour long bus tour to the actual excavation site in the nearby mountains. The dark grey areas in the picture show actual fossilized bones from the Jurassic Period and the reddish areas are footprints left in the mud by some large dinosaur (name forgotten). There were several other active digs in process in the immediate area. All in all, quite interesting.

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