Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thornton, Colorado - Day 2

We spent most of the day at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre located in the mountains just west of Denver. What an awesome place to visit on the last day of our month long trip! Construction began in 1936 and it officially opened in 1941. Its natural acoustic qualities allows 20,000 people to hear natural voices from the stage without amplification! Some of the early performers were Benny Goodman, Victor Borge, Eartha Kitt, Duke Ellington, Peter, Paul and Mary, Kingston Trio, Nat King Cole, John Denver, Ricky Nelson, Ray Charles, The Beatles and so many more. Nowadays, just about every type of music is performed there.

We then went to Ken and Ceil's home to relax and have some delicious brownies. Tomorrow, we fly home. What a wonderful trip!

On our way to Red Rocks.

The Visitor Center

This gives a good overview of the Amphitheater.

I took a panoramic view from the top of the place.

On our right side is Ship Rock.

Looking down at the stage area.
On the left side of the horizon is Denver.

A closer look at the stage. Behind it is Stage Rock.

On our left side is Creation Rock.

Inside the Visitors Center is a massive display of every performer
who has played at Red Rocks by year from 1908 (pre-opening) through 2015.
This picture shows 1908 through 1963.

This picture shows 1984 through 2004 (that are readable).
Other walls show performances through 2015.

We paused in the parking lot thinking about leaving
but I asked about going to the stage and off we went.

As we approached the stage (on the left),
we could see the steps leading to the seating area.

The seating area with Ship Rock on the side.

The view from the stage with Ship Rock on the left
and Creation Rock on the right.

Stage Rock is behind the stage. It helps create the good acoustics.

Susan, Ken and Pat wait for me to climb back from the stage.

Ken's lovely wife Ceil and Pat enjoying delicious brownies.

Thank you, Ceil and Ken, for a wonderful time!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Thornton, Colorado - Day 1

Our first day with my son Ken who took us to see some of the popular attractions in the Denver area. Our first stop was at Flatirons Vista where we did a short walk and enjoyed the scenery. We then toured the Coors brewery (hey, why not?). Then we went to Golden, Colorado, famous for it's gold mining history.

We leave Thornton to begin our day of fun with Ken.

One of the area's wind farms.

Our first stop was at Flatirons Vista with its many hiking trails.

And what a vista it is.

Susan, John and Pat enjoying the views.

My three loves...my wife Susan, my son Ken and my sister Pat.

The Fried family.

We await the bus to take us to the brewery.

The entry wall at Coors.

The brewing process begins here.

The Coors Quality Testing Laboratory.

The bottling area.

Susan and Pat tasting a specialty beer called Colorado Native
that is, unfortunately, only sold in Colorado.

Ken and I also did a "little" tasting.  ;-)

This peak reminds me of Pilot Mountain in N.C.

We enter Golden, Colorado.

We ate lunch at Bob's Atomic Burgers. Yum!

Many of the downtown walls were covered in art.

Could that be the same rock peak that I photographed earlier?

This bronze is titled "A Helping Hand".

Here is a bronze of Adolph Coors, Sr.

Ken stands next to a bronze buffalo.

You could buy a carved bear holding a cute sign for about $150.
We didn't.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Amtrak from Sacramento to Denver - Day 2

We awake after a night of snoozing in our seats to enjoy another day of gorgeous scenery on our way to Denver on the Amtrak California Zephyr.

The morning begins and we find ourselves in the middle of Utah.

Not much out there but a flat top mountain range.

This is the epicenter of the town of Green River, Utah.

Looks a little stormy over there.

Finally, we're getting back into the mountains.

I just love these rock formations.

Another one.

And another one.

And they get bigger as we leave Utah.

We're now in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Hmm, I wonder why they're called the Rocky Mountains?

We had to look up to see some of the mountains.

Folks out rafting on the Colorado River.

I think that the rafters are in for some fun!

Some deep snow in the Rockies.

We can see the flat part of Colorado
through the gap on the right.

A stone face looks down on the flat lands.

We can see the front of the train as we descend.

Denver awaits us in the distance.

We say goodbye to the Rockies.

What a wonderful ride!