Tuesday, July 22, 2008

WIT Grand National Rally in Forest City, IA

Well friends, here we are in corn country - and I'm not talking about the type of comments I'm known for making either. We're at the Winnebago factory with about 1200 other Winnebago and Itasca RV owners enjoying the celebration of Winnebago's 50 years of making quality RVs. The whole theme here is the 50's from Elvis to old cars as you can tell from our first picture taken in the Winnebago Visitors Center. Saturday, we went downtown and watched a local parade that featured not only the usual town bands and celebrities but also RVs of all ages plus some antique tractors and farm equipment ('Only in Iowa', someone commented).

Monday, we took a tour of the Winnebago plant. We saw everything from the bare chassis getting fitted, to installing flooring, walls, cabinets, roof and final assembly. It's all done in a series of large buildings and I was amazed that, other than the Class B line which appeared to be the same model, the Class A's were all different models going down the line and yet the right parts and operations were done flawlessly. Quite an operation!

This morning, we had a special treat. Dave Price, the CBS Early Show weatherman, was here doing the show just a short ways down from our RV. He was only on during the weather portions of the show but he covered a lot of the goings on here. I don't know if you happened to see it, but I even got on nationwide TV this morning (I'm in the green shirt in the upper right) during his last scene. Now that I'm famous... yeah! As I write this, I'm sitting out front of the Winnebago service building awaiting some minor repair work. It's always nice to have good service on the road.

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