Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clifftop, WV

We arrived at Clifftop for the Appalacian String Band Festival on Tuesday afternoon and set up camp in our usual spot at the bottom of the hill. There is no internet and no cellphone service here - hence the delay in posting this. If you've never heard of Clifftop, it is a remote mountaintop park called Camp Washington-Carver in the middle of West Virginia where, once a year, it hosts thousands of folks who love to play or listen to old-time music. This year there were over 2,400 of us here. We spent the rest of the week visiting and playing music with old friends and making lots of new friends. Just too much fun...

On Sunday morning, we headed for Mt Airy, NC (almost home...) where we'll spend the last week of this trip. Along the way, we stopped and took a good look at the New River Bridge, Completed in 1977, it is the western hemisphere's longest single-arch steel span bridge. It rises 876 feet above the New River (I actually rafted under this bridge shortly after it was built). From the visitor's center, it is 172 steps down (and up) to the viewing area where I took this picture. Whew!

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