Sunday, August 10, 2008

Knightdale, NC

I can't quite believe's over. After 67 days on the road and a little over 5,000 RV miles under our belt, we're actually HOME! What an awesome adventure we've had. I still can't get over how diverse and beautiful this country is and how friendly everyone was and how we survived eating so much good food without putting on weight (of course, all that walking around the many monuments, museums, towns, and tourist traps helped a lot). We'd especially like to thank all of our friends and family we visited on this trip for their warmth and hospitality and thanks to all of you for sharing in our fun via this blog. BTW, if you are a glutton for punishment and would like to see all of our 1,000+ pictures, let us know. Stay tuned, I have a feeling that a Travels with John and Susan II blog will be coming out soon. Now off to bed... zzzzz zzzzz zzzzzz

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