Monday, June 30, 2008

Yellowstone - Day 1

Yellowstone National Park's roads form two large loops. Today we took the lower loop. We crossed the continental divide a few times, saw a multitude of geysers of all sizes, shapes and descriptions (including Old Faithful shown here), many bison (some up close and personal), springs (Grand Prismatic Spring shown with whirlwind of steam - notice the effects of the devastating fire of 1988 in the background), lakes, rivers, waterfalls, a mud volcano, a sulfur cauldron, and an eagle in its nest. Just when we thought we'd seen everything, there was another surprise waiting around the corner. The temperature was 82 degrees as we watched Old Faithful erupt and it dropped down to 52 degrees within an hour as a front passed by. That's the northwest for you. Tomorrow, we'll tackle the upper loop (and we'll have jackets with us this time).

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