Tuesday, June 17, 2008

St Louis, MO

Another 340+ miles and 6-hour drive under our belt and we arrived in St Louis. The land sure is a lot flatter out here but I suspect the flattest is yet to come. ;-) The cool thing is that we gained an hour since we entered the Central Time Zone, so we even had time to play tourist once we got the RV parked. And play we did...with a short drive to where else but the awesome Gateway Arch. We had fun getting there because of some minor flooding along the Mississippi that closed the normal access road...but get there we did. BTW, I think St Louis has the roughest, but most scenic, brick roads we've ever driven on. But what a glorious site! The Arch is surrounded by a nicely landscaped park and the mighty Mississippi River was flowing alongside (albeit a little closer than normal). We took the tram ride to the top of the arch. A bit confining but well worth it for the fabulous views once we reached the top. Access to the tram was underground below the arch. There is also a large and unique history museum and several stores in that basement area. A most enjoyable experience indeed.

Tomorrow, we'll be heading further west to parts as yet unknown (to us). We'll let you know where when we get there.

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