Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday around Denver

At the end of my last post, I mentioned the delicious BBQ ribs made by my son, Ken. Well, here he is making those ribs. At the risk of repeating myself...yum, yum! BTW, the Denver area is not at all what we expected. We imagined that we'd be in the mountains as soon as we got into Colorado. Au contraire Pierre. Everything (including most of Denver) is flat. The mountains start just west of Denver and are visible everywhere. Pretty cool indeed.

Sunday was a 50/50 day. We spent 50% of the day doing all the laundry that we've accumulated and visiting with the family and 50% driving to Boulder, CO and touring the Celestial Seasonings factory. This was on Susan's "must do" list. Her eyes opened real wide when we got there because they were having a tea tent sale. The bad news was they didn't have her favorite blend on sale so she just bought a bunch of it in their store.

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