Thursday, October 5, 2017

Oklahoma City - Oklahoma Land Run Monument

We are in Oklahoma City for the annual reunion of the crew of the USS Harry E Hubbard, DD-748. Today we took a bus tour. Our first stop was at the Land Run of 1889 Memorial. On April 22, 1889 over 50,000 Americans vied to claim 160 acres or a town lot for free. These 1-1/2 sized bronze statues are several blocks long. They depict a group of cowboys and wagons racing to reach their new homes. You could easily tell what was happening from their facial expressions and postures. Very impressive.

 A few of my shipmates posing.

 As the cannon fires, it's time to start the run.

 A large case falls from the wagon and...

 Oops, that hurt!

Hey, your case fell off!

These horses really don't want to get wet.

 Yee haw!

The leaders of the pack.

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