Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cruise to Alaska

On Sunday morning, we, and about 50 others from the reunion, boarded the Holland-America ship MS Oosterdam to begin a week-long Alaskan cruise. Our first day, Monday, was spent cruising North through rainy seas but we didn't mind the rain at all. It gave us a chance to get to know the ship and sit around the enclosed and warm pool area and enjoy the view with friends.

On Tuesday, we were scheduled to cruise through a narrow fjord to Tracy Arm, Alaska, where we were to see a glacier. Unfortunately, as we turned the corner, we found that the fjord was blocked by large pieces of recently calved glacier ice. The ship immediately made a u-turn for safety, so we didn't get to see the glacier. You can see some of the icebergs over my left shoulder in this picture of me on the bow of the ship. The mountains and icebergs were very beautiful to see so it was still an enjoyable experience.

This is one of my favorite mini-iceberg photos taken in the Tracy Arm passage. One iceberg (maybe 15-20 feet long) looks like a submarine slowly approaching a man relieving himself on the ice. Yes, I know I have a strange imagination...

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