Saturday, April 11, 2009

Travelin' The Great River Road

Yesterday was a travel day. We drove from Vicksburg, MS up to Robinsonville, MS (just below the MS/TN state line) where we're now staying in the Sam's Town Casino RV Park (the third largest gambling area in the USA). We can see two different casinos from our RV but we don't plan on donating money to either of them.

This morning, we drove along the Great River Road to Helena, Arkansas (known as the Main Street of the Blues) where we toured through the Delta Cultural Center (with historical displays of the lives of Delta inhabitants) and radio station KFFA, 1360 AM, where the King Biscuit Flour Hour (a famous live blues show) is broadcast.

Then we drove down to Clarksdale, Mississippi where we toured the Delta Blues Museum. It was suggested that we have lunch at the Ground Zero Blues Club that was just around the corner from the museum. Located in a very dilapidated part of town, it didn't look very attractive as you can see in the first picture but we went inside anyway. The inside was awesome! There were people's autographs and 'art' (drawings) covering everthing (walls, tables, chairs, columns, floor, you name it) and there were guitars (including one made from an old 5-gallon gas can) and other blues instruments hanging everywhere. This place is owned by Morgan Freeman and features live blues bands almost every evening. We enjoyed our lunch and won't soon forget this place.

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