Sunday, April 12, 2009

Memphis, TN

This morning, we drove to the Graceland RV Park in Memphis, TN. The directions we were given said to turn in at the Heartbreak Hotel and drive to the end of Lonely Street. So we did. Three guesses as to where we spent the day. Give up? The Graceland Mansion...where else? What an interesting tour. We got to see two of the three floors of the mansion with displays of many of Elvis' awards and costumes, the Elvis Automobile Museum, his two private jets (the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II), plus several other special exhibits covering his Hollywood years, military service and pop culture. Of course, each of the areas exited into a different gift shop but that should come as no big surprise to any traveler. Before leaving the mansion, we stopped at the Meditation Garden to view the graves of Elvis and his family. Talk about good timing, as we left the last of the exhibits, the rain that we had been expecting finally hit but we were able to walk back to the RV before it got too heavy. Whew!

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