Monday, March 30, 2009

The LBJ Ranch

About a 1.25 hour drive North of San Antonio we arrived at the Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch which is located about 14 miles West of Johnson City, TX. After getting Susan's picture with another dead President, we took a drive around the ranch and saw a replica of the house where he was born, the Johnson Family Cemetery where he was laid to rest, lots of long-horned cattle, farmland being planted and the runway where LBJ's Air Force One used to land. We then took a tour of the Texas White House and visited his Presidential Office at the house.

...and now for some things completely different. If anyone ever says that Texans don't have a sense of humor, show them these pictures. As we were driving back to Johnson City from the ranch, we spotted a longhorn steer made out of spare auto parts, the entrance to a small ranch with a unique name and the Hill Country Cupboard (read the sign carefully).

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