Thursday, March 26, 2009

Houston, TX

After an overnight stop in Kinder, LA, we arrived on Wednesday in New Caney, TX - which is just North of Houston. We visited an old friend and software developer Jan Hoelterling and had the good fortune of meeting his lovely wife and children. They treated us to a delicious home-cooked dinner and showed us their RV. What a lovely evening...thanks for everything!

We spent most of Thursday doing laundry and doing some repair work on the roof of the RV to fix the DirecTV satellite dish that had ceased functioning a few days earlier. I finally got it fixed but forgot one little detail - I had opened a roof vent to talk to Susan while testing the fix but forgot to close it. Normally not a big deal except that afternoon, while we were at the WalMart, a severe rainstorm hit. Needless to say, having a 12" hole in our roof during a 1.5 hour downpour meant that we spent most of the evening mopping up the floor and drying out the carpets. You can bet that we'll never forget to close the roof vent again! Fortunately, no permanent damage resulted. Tomorrow, we're off to San Antonio.

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