Friday, July 24, 2009

Portage, WI

We camped on a hilltop near a ski resort at Sky High RV Park in Portage, Wisconsin for a few days. On Wednesday, we went to see the Circus World Museum, located in Baraboo, where the Ringling Brothers Circus used to call home. In addition to the dazzling displays of circus memorabilia, posters and general history, there were two buildings devoted to restoring and preserving old circus wagons including the famous giraffe wagon. We went to the Hippodrome to watch a one-ring circus performance with acrobats, balancing acts, rope acts, a clown and an elephant show. Very entertaining (but no photos allowed). Afterwards, elephant rides were available. I wanted to get on one but the line was so long that we decided to move on. All-in-all, an entertaining afternoon.

On Thursday, we had planned on going to see Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's unique home, but changed our minds when we found out that it costs $48.00 per person to see it! Instead, we went to lunch at Kristin's Kitchen in downtown Portage - a place highly recommended by everyone we talked to. They were was delicious. Then we walked around a local farmer's market and saw some mighty good looking veggies. After a doctor visit for John's bad cough and headache, we called it a day. P.S. the meds helped.

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