Monday, December 22, 2008

Fountain, FL

Today we moved on down to the Panhandle of Florida to spend some quiet time. After setting up our portable Christmas tree in the RV, we soon thought we'd moved into the Bermuda Triangle or something when we discovered that not only did our DirecTV not work, neither did our WiFi connection (e.g. no Internet) or our indoor-outdoor thermometer. As it turned out, the DirecTV receiver had just died (we had to drive to Panama City to buy a replacement which worked fine), the WiFi worked fine everywhere else (it must have been some setting on their server) and the thermometer fixed itself once we got home. On the bright side, the RV park was nice, the other campers were friendly, the weather was beautiful and the Christmas pot-luck dinner held by the RV park was delicious. We hope that your Christmas was as nice as ours was.

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